What is WordPress-How to Install WordPress on cPanel

What is WordPress? – The world’s most of the websites are running on WordPress. WordPress is a versatile solution to the building a powerful website. You can build any type of website on WordPress without coding.

WordPress is a free and open source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. In WordPress, most powerful functions are available as plugins and template system. It is mostly used for blogging, forum, trending site, special organization sites, and shopping sites.

WordPress-how to install WordPress

WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is released on 27 May 2003. The most popular function of WordPress is Drag and Drop. In WordPress do not need of coding to build a website just drag n drop to build a powerful website.

WordPress is key to success. If you are interested in Blogging. WordPress is one of the best platforms to start Blogging. The latest version of WordPress is 5.0.1.

How to Install WordPress

There are two ways of installation of WordPress on your cPanel is as follows:

  • Softaculous Installation
  • Manual Installation

Softaculous Installation

The first way to install WordPress on your shared hosting ( cPanel ) is softaculous App installation. In this method, you can install WordPress by providing some information like your site title, description, Login id, and password, etc.

This is the best way to install but if you want to study how it installs, How it Works? it is not better for information. In this method, you did not get any information about the installation. It will create your site database automatically. In this, you do not authority to edit the database.

It is an easy method for those people who do not have database knowledge. In this, we will install WordPress with this method. Follow instructions.

First Step:

Log in to your shared hosting cPanel. Then on the top search for Softaculous Apps installer.

Softaculous apps installer

You will redirect to another page of Softaculous Apps installer. There you will get on top WordPress. Select WordPress and simply click on install. Fill all the information on this page like follows.

  • WordPress Version
  • Protocol
  • Choose Domain
  • In directory
  • Site Name
  • Site Description
  • Admin Username
  • Admin Password
  • Admin Email
  • Select Language
  • Select Plugins
  • Database Information
  • Select Theme

Simply Click on Install. It will take some time to install after that visit on your site with Admin Login Id and Password. You will get all the WordPress on your website.

Manual Installation

First of all log on to your cPanel by username and password. Then download latest WordPress latest version zip by its official site WordPress.org.

This is the best Method to install WordPress. I am also installed WordPress on my sites by this method. The manual Installation is the best way to install secure and smooth WordPress on your sites.

In this method, you need to create a database for your site in the MySQL database. You can create a database by your shared hosting.

Navigate to MySQL database click on it. Type a database name and click on create the database. Then add a new user to your MySQL Users. Then add User to Database. By selecting your database and Database user.

Then go back to the cPanel. Open file manager in a new tab. Go to the public_html folder and upload the downloaded zip file of WordPress. Extract it to the public_html directory.

Then visit your site after extraction. Fill all information on appears on your website like database name, User, Login id & password etc.

The WordPress is installed successfully.

#Final Words

You can install WordPress by one of these methods on your website. In this post we will discuss WordPress & Installation of WordPress. If you have any question or doubt about WordPress comment below i will answer your comment soon.

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